Thank you for your interest in WhisperSom™.

We are a dedicated team of professionals and industry leaders committed to significantly improving the rates of diagnosis and treatment for millions of sleep apnea sufferers around the world through technology. Based on the data we have shared with the FDA so far, we are convinced that we have developed the medical device to do it, following FDA approval.

Sleep Apnea Market

The global sleep apnea market is approximately $4B annual with a 7.8% CAGR, and estimated to include as many as 930 million individuals with over 50 million located in the U. S. alone.

It is further estimated that 2 million sufferers are prescribed CPAP annually in North America. Of these patients, 34%, or approximately 680 thousand quit CPAP within 12 months.

Our potential customers also include the millions of sleep apnea sufferers who are still undiagnosed and those CPAP users eagerly waiting for an alternative.

Investment Case

Our financial model assumes doubling the 5% treatment rate of sleep apnea in the U.S. within 5 years while expanding internationally in select countries to generate $2 billion in net profits with 4 million patients under care.

The leading CPAP maker and the surgically implanted alternative to CPAP have approximately 5% of sleep apnea patients under care collectively with market caps of $20 billion and $5 billion respectively.

We estimate reaching profitability and our revenue goals by raising less than $30M in addition to the $5.7 million raised to date from accredited investors that include both physicians and patients.

Our stretch goal is to help raise the overall diagnosis and treatment rates to at least 50% within 5 years.

The data we have gathered in comprehensive R&D testing is convincing evidence to us that our device works as designed, and we are now raising the capital required to perform the necessary steps to rapidly bring it to market and reach profitability.

If you are an accredited investor, join us in helping to develop a more effective sleep apnea solution by investing in WhisperSom today.

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    The WhisperSom™ device is not commercially available at this time. It has not been cleared by the FDA and is currently undergoing development.  No representations are made as to future FDA clearance, nor as to the eventual suitability of the device with respect to any medical condition.  WhisperSom Corporation  has made an initial application to the FDA for consideration as a designated breakthrough technology for treating all forms of sleep apnea, and data from a small number of test subjects was submitted as part of that application. After reviewing the application, the FDA requested only two additional elements of information that will require further testing. That testing process is currently underway.

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